Dessert Table

Hei Baby! has a presentable and affordable party set up for all occasions and anyone who wants to spend less but gets more.
Our party set up starts from $1,000.00 for a recommended of 30 guests.

Items included as follows:

Standard Party Cheers

Dessert items:

1. Brownie Bites
2. Marshmallow Pops 30pcs
3. Chocolate Chips Cookies 20pcs
4. Cheesecake with Jelly topping 20pcs
5. Fruit Tarts 30 pcs
6. Mini Cupcakes with classic swirl frosting 20pcs
7. Macarons 20pcs

Food set:

1. Yong Chow Fried Rice or Sin Chow Mee Hoon
2. Chicken with Cashew Nuts
3. Thai Style Fish Fillet with Pineapple Sauce
4. Japanese Bean Curd with Crab Meat
5. Kai Lan with Mushrooms or Asparagus with 3 type Mushrooms
6. Orange Cordial

Party set up included as follows:

Disposable cutlery, serviettes and plates.
Table d├ęcor such as linen, wares, props, pompom flowers, balloonsetc.
(Decorated items depending on theme and color scheme. Additional charges might apply with request of special items).
Usage of display stands, cake trays, plates etc.

Do check out at for other selection of pastries and party stuff.

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If you would like to include items not found in the list above, contact us and we could make the arrangement to suit you. Additional charges might apply with selection of higher value items.